# Olifantenstapel

Thomas, adopted from Thailand and grew up in the Netherlands: In the past I collected miniature elephants in all shapes and sizes. They reminded me of Thailand and gave me something tangible to hold from ‘home'.

# Coffee pads

Tiba & Jua, adopted from Colombia and growing up in the Netherlands: When they were young Tiba and Jua liked to sniff on coffee pads. Their parents suspect it unconsciously made them think of Colombia.

# Lebanon traffic jam

Avo, Libanon, five year expat in the Nederlands: When I see a traffic jam, I have to think of Lebanon. There were constant chaotic traffic jams.

# Plantenbak

Carmen, Guatemala, 7 years expat in the Netherlands: Colorful plant bins on the Dutch streets remind me of the bright colors at home.

# Rijtjeshuizen

Alex, the Netherlands, four year expat in Australia: Townhouses or even better, two under a detached roof house, remind me of the Netherlands.

# What the real time is

Bernadette, United Kingdom, 18 year expat in the Netherlands: Sometimes I look at the clock and wonder what the real time would be at home in England.

In 2018, the EAC looks forward to celebrating its 10th anniversary as an independent foundation. To mark this milestone the EAC is launching Saudade, an art project that will showcase collections that have been acquired by the EAC in the past 10 years. Ten selected artists will be asked to create a piece of art that is inspired by a collection/piece from a collection from the EAC. All ten pieces of art will have to fit in an old suitcase. Saudade will result in a book-publication and traveling exhibition.
The suitcase and its contents will be on display from 11-15 April 2018, at Twelve Twelve Gallery in The Hague, the Netherlands.
'Saudade' is made possible by the generous support of Mondriaan Fonds, Stroom Den Haag and the Royal Thai Embassy.

# Spoons

Tunging, Thailand, expat for several years in Germany and France: With these special spoons you can cut food, but also eat soup. They represent the cultural tradition of sharing our food and eating meals together as we do in Thailand.

# Passing on herbs

Rosita, Netherlands, a.o. for two years expat in Turkey: As an expat in Turkey in the 1980's it was very difficult to get Dutch products, let alone Dutch herbs. Those were just not just available like they are nowadays. That is why we collected and saved these herbs to pass on to the the next Dutch expat.

Exhibition view at Twelve Twelve galerie

'Saudade book publication' design by Studio Carvalho Bernau

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